How many of you can remember Spirographs

They were these neat circles that helped you make cool designs. You would pin down or secure the big one that looks like a big “O”and then put your pen into the hole on a smaller circle and put both inside the big one. You would move your pen any which way you wish, with the groves on the inside of the big one and the outside of the small circle, meeting as you move your pen around. The movement would create the cool designs and shapes. This toy was so fun because it was creative, exciting and there was no right or wrong way to do it.

So let me introduce you to something that does the same fun thing, with a lot less work. You just turn it on. It is called the Squiggle Writing Pen.

The motorized pen is so much fun because of the weighted top. Designed to swing in a circle when you turn it on, the motorized pen starts to squiggle and wiggle! What I like is it does not feel like a vibration, but real movements. Ask Michael, as he turned it on, set it on the counter and watched it move itself down the counter-top, by itself.

But it is this movement or wiggles that make it a great source of sensory input. So for those who have kids with sensory issues, this would be an easy and enjoyable addition to their sensory bins and one’s sensory diet.

Even if you child does nothing more than hold the motorized pen, it’s still being used as an early developmental tool to strengthen hand muscles and grip. Obviously, the best part comes when your child uses the Squiggle Wiggle pen to write or draw. The pen creates circles as it moves. Which means even if a child has weak hand muscles, he or she can create some fun designs with little effort. If you move your grip lower toward the tip, the circles are smaller. If you move your hand up higher, then the circles are bigger. 

I think it is nice, that a child with special needs can have success quickly and be creative successfully without a great deal of effort. Watching Elizabeth swipe at the paper and having a struggle to color, makes me know that a child with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) or other special needs could enjoy and benefit from the squiggle wiggle writer pen. Through imaginative play, the results will always be successful with no pressure in doing it the “right” way. 

There is one button to turn it on the Squiggle Wiggle. It is not rough or hard to hold. It will help to increase hand strength because using the pen will require holding onto it as it wiggles. Or you will watch the pen wiggle its way away. The learning tool’s larger shape makes holding it easier for those who might struggle with poor grip.

Something to note, the pen comes with color ink cartridges, if your child loves it and uses them up, you can order refills on our site. With the color options and one’s imagination, children will be able to explore writing and drawing while working on colors, letters and shape identification. 

Truth be told, we had one of these pens when Emily was little and she loved it. She had a ball watching it move as she wrote. She loved writing her name and seeing how the letters were made up of circles. Also, the motorized pen works well as a therapy tool to strengthen hand muscles for individuals with tremors or other hand muscle issues. So pretty much know, the pen is perfect for anyone to use. 


If you think this sounds like a fit for your child or maybe the classroom sensory bin, please take a look at our site to order here

I know Michael is having fun using it because when I went to find it, it was on his desk in his room along with many squiggle covered papers.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti, author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”