I asked Elizabeth to open her mouth so I could check her throat.

So she did, about ¼ of an inch.

I then asked again.

And again it was the same but she was getting irritated now.

And truthfully so was I.  Not because she would not open her mouth.  Ok, maybe a little bit because of that.  But mostly, because she was obviously in some kind of pain as she would not even swallow water.

So I then told her why I needed her to open her mouth, I got my tongue depressor out. Got my flashlight out.  She opened her mouth, I went to insert the tongue depressor….still okay and then the light was not bright enough.  

I could not see anything at all. Read the rest of this entry »

I work with a pretty great lady, we call her Miss Liz.  She teaches adapted physical education at our school and she works with Elizabeth one on one as well.

She also has Gymster classes that she teaches at different preschools.  She is amazing!!

I help out by assisting/teaching some of these classes and it is through these classes that I first came across these colored circles, called Color Dots or Spot Markers Read the rest of this entry »

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