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I was talking with my friend this week.  We talked about the holiday coming up and all that we were doing and then we sort of switched gears and talked about the holidays in the past.  She and I were remembering some of the bigger holiday events related to Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth had a lot of fun, when she struggled.

When she couldn’t talk at all and when she enjoyed a great dinner conversation.

My friend has been with us on the journey with Elizabeth since Elizabeth was 3 years old.  So let’s face it she knows the whole story pretty well and there is no hiding the truth from her.  But I have to say, I love the honesty in our talks and really love the perspective she gives because she helps me remember things I may have forgotten and helps me process things I WANT to forget.

She is my friend who I went to after a particularly tough thanksgiving when Elizabeth was about 9 years old.  And it was a real tough one!

I was so angry at the day and truthfully at Elizabeth for doing things I just knew she did with intention.  I know that her sensory processing disorder (SPD) and her dyspraxia make life challenging everyday but it is hard sometimes to separate what is willfulness, and really being defiant from her disorders.

And on this particular holiday, I was struggling to figure it out.

My friend asked me ” So how did it go?” and I told her the good ( this took a moment), the bad ( this took much longer) and the really bad ( this took even longer)

She helped me process it and gave her opinion why Elizabeth wouldn’t eat, cried and was yelling “NO” all night.

I listened and thought about her words and suggestions.

It helped.

I took the time to write down some things after she was done and thought I could reread them before the next get together….maybe to help me rethink things and truth be told, maybe I would not need them at all because Elizabeth may be calmer and more organized the next time.

But the review helped because we are always trying to grow with our special needs children and help them succeed in this thing called life.

So I will be reviewing our holiday….maybe writing down somethings and for sure talking it through…even if it was a great day.

So I ask you …

How Did It Go?

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues


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