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We are well into our third week of being off for the pandemic.

We call it Covid 19, Elizabeth just calls it “The Virus”

When she asks if we can go out to eat, I answer “Not now, but hopefully soon” She responds “I know, its the virus.”

When she asks if she can hang out with her friends.  She gets the same answer from me and then says “I know, its the virus.”

So “The virus” is what she blames for all the changes in her life.  The thing that took away all her activities, time with friends, school and more.  I share with her that she is not alone because everyone is doing their part ( or should be) by staying home if they can and that in time, “The virus” will go away.

But until then? We are all adjusting to the new normal.

I told everyone in last week’s blog that we are doing okay so far.

Well this week?

The report is a bit different.

She is starting to show signs of Read the rest of this entry »

By the time you read this, it will be day 4 or 5 that we are officially home related to the Corona virus.  At least as this relates to Elizabeth’s brother.  Elizabeth has actually been home 2 weeks due to spring break that led into this pandemic which led to her university Read the rest of this entry »

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