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Happy New Year!
A bit early actually but isn’t this the week that we all say it to each other…and reminisce?
This is the week that the national morning shows do their annual year in review segments where we get to look at the high, low and memorable parts of the year.

And as we watch these montages, we think about how far we have come as a country or how much better we wish someone had handled a certain event. And sometimes, it is pride in how the nation came together. Whatever the emotion is, it is there on the screen for all to think and feel.
This is not something that is foreign to me.
I tend to be a thinker and a ponderer (if that is a real word) and I like to analyze something to help me make sense of it or my emotions related to it. So the end of a year and the beginning of a new one is the time I look back over my shoulder to what the year has brought us.
To do our on sort of montage.

-How much did Elizabeth grow in her skills this year?
-How many new things has she tried?
-Remember when we went on our trip and she had a absolute ball?
-Remember her anxiety when we tried that new therapy?
And so on….
My mind is like the Today’s show only the only one I am looking at is Elizabeth and the only family I am thinking about is ours.
I use this week to think because as a mom of a special needs child, each year brings growth for Elizabeth, each year brings struggles too, but each year brings more knowledge to us as her parents.
As well as bring us more appreciation for the hard work Elizabeth does living with her disorders. Her sensory processing disorder(SPD) and dyspraxia do not quit, so neither can her hard work.
So with all the above being said, I offer out that maybe now or this week is a good time to take a moment and do your own montage of the year’s events.
See the good stuff.
Think about the struggles as well.
Rejoice at the growth.
Note what may need more attention.
But during this,  allow yourself to take notice of the hard work your child does. Because even though each and every special needs child has different needs and struggles, they all work so hard at this thing called life so taking this time to really let it in is a good thing.
Thinking about this good stuff is a nice way to honor the year and your child as well as making a good attitude to start 2020.
I wish everyone a peaceful week.
Michele Gianetti author of:
I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey
Emily’s Sister
Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues


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