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I hope you remember me!

I am so glad to know you are coming soon! Children await your presents, but the adults are happy to see the end of 2020.

I am sure you know all about the pandemic we are in. The one that just won’t quit.

Santa it has been a year!

All these moms and dads have learned to be teachers, guidance counselors, exercise gurus and more for their children and families, so many while working! And all on the flip of a dime in March! My hope for them is to know they made a difference for their children and that even if it wasn’t perfect, it was still good because they did the very best they could. I hope they really really know that! I know I need to know that too!

I look at these beautiful children, those with special needs and those without, who had a life, a schedule, therapies and friends and who in one day learned a new life without any of it! How truly strong these children are in any given day but how much more so as they work so hard to accept the new way of life. I hope these children know in their hearts they are admired for all they are and for all their strength.

Santa the work done by all this year is breath taking….

We have teachers who had a classroom full of children’s faces and who want to teach, help and love them and then suddenly they are asked to fully plan the remainder of the year in a weekend! They are then only able to be with “their kids” on a computer. They wish they could do more. But these amazing people not only worked so hard to help each child succeed but when the computer was turned off, they looked up to see their own families needing them. Wow, I have always admired teachers but now, I hope for Christmas they know that we appreciate their super powers!

Santa watching our special needs children take steps backwards is so heart wrenching and so scary, I know I had to work through a lot of emotions this year about my daughter. I hope these parent’s know that they are not alone in their feelings and fears. Sometimes just knowing this helps a bit…at least for me. Our special children are so strong! I hope, Santa, that they know that and can be proud of themselves

When we speak of helping, Santa, I know you think of all the medical people who have literally decided that their lives take a second seat to the sick person in front of them. A thank you is not enough but it is really all we have to give to them all. My hope for their Christmas, Santa is that they know we appreciate them, pray for them and are in awe of their dedication.

We all know you like your cookies, Santa, but this year, we know with the virus that we should only give you a safely packaged version. I hope you like them!

As we lay out your treats, I can’t help but think how much we everything is affected by this virus. But Santa, we have found such unique ways of making things work, of staying connected and of trying to be there for each other.

My hope for us all Santa, is that we don’t lose the strength to keep doing those things as we get so very drained and tired of all these do’s and don’ts. Of all the restrictions and of thinking about all the things we used to do especially as we say “remember when we could….” I hope for Christmas we all get a boost of determination, understanding and strength to hang on a bit longer.

I hope this is okay to ask for so much but this year so much is really needed.

Thank you, Santa!

Happy Holidays And Merry Christmas!



In lots of social media posts you can read really meaningful things about the importance of having all children accept and take the time to understand those children with special needs.

Or the posts about when a special needs child is surrounded by friends at lunch…not eating alone anymore.

There are so many more… but the point in them all is the importance of

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