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When I was little, I used to absolutely love the video on Sesame Street when they dropped an orange ball down a tube and you watched it hit something that made something else move and so on until the ball went into a silver container,and it was ground up into powder ( never did figure out why that happened!).

I loved the cause and effect of that kind of thing.  Michael is the same way.  He watched videos that show the same kind of cause and effect.  He even attempted to do something like this with some tubes and ramps.

I think because I enjoy watching these actions so much is why I really like the tactile toy set called Read the rest of this entry »


We have a beautiful person in our lives who has worked with Elizabeth since she was in elementary school.  She was Elizabeth’s adapted PE teacher but is now our dear friend.

Her name is Liz O’Hara.

She is a beautiful heart-ed person who works so hard to benefit those children with

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