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I was driving Elizabeth to college the other day.

She heads there four days a week for her college program for special needs, so we travel a lot together.  We use the time to talk; to review things that went on during the week so far, sing to the music she picks and pretty much just spending some nice time together and while I don’t always love the driving part of the experience, I really love the one on one time we get.

So as we are headed out one day last week, I heard the familiar sound of Read the rest of this entry »


I was getting on the elliptical machine the other day and like a lot of machines you have to put in your age.  Sometimes, this is done by putting the numbers in like a calculator and other times, like mine, you push the up or down arrow until you get the correct age.

So the other day, I as I was advancing the age from its starting point of 35 years until it hit my age ( yes, it was a number of pushes), I started thinking as I watched the numbers advance.   What was I doing at age 36, 37, 42, and on?  And this was weird for me because I exercise almost daily so I had done this particular thing a great number of times.

But as I thought about the years, I, of course, started thinking about

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