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There is no one size fits all weapon in the special needs arsenal. Every person is unique. Thus their needs, experiences and results are just as individualized.

This is why we offer such a variety and continue to add more products to our collection every week. Whether the intended use is for speech therapy, physical therapy, living aids, Partitioned Redware Deluxe Seteducation, play or sensory input we provide numerous options.And we stand behind our products! We do not assume that everything we offer is appropriate for everyone. We do, however, know that our products are proven to be beneficial to many individuals.

6496_1This is because we take a collaborative approach when determining what products we will offer our customers. We collect valuable input from expert Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Special Educators, PhDs, Field Specialists, and Parents alike. Bottom line, if we sell it, we believe in it!  (for more info visit our Product Mission page)

We want to hear from you too. You are always invited to comment on a blog or Facebook post, send us a message, or review a product on our site. Tell us what you think about our products or what other items you would like to see on our site and we will do our research.