There’s probably not a child on this planet who can keep perfectly still — and the same can be said for many of us adults, too! But the challenge to keep your kids content and calm can be extra tricky if you are a special needs parent, which is why we stock a variety of fidget toys.

A fidget toy regulates a child’s relentless need to move around and handle objects. These handy self-regulation tools are super effective in keeping kids’ fingers busy and, as a result, promote focus and concentration, decrease stress, and increase tactile awareness of fingers and hands. By playing with a funny-looking rubber ball, a child’s energy is focused and their spirits are quietened, which is great for social situations like going to dinner or a wedding.

Whether you’re on road trip, sitting in a doctor’s office or cooking dinner, fidget toys can bring relaxation to both you and your child. We’ve pinpointed several toys that are perfect for kids who have trouble sitting still and remaining calm.

PS: These are perfect for throwing in his or her backpack before you head out the door!

1. The Woolly Worm

These eight-inch woolly worms are little rubber bundles of entertainment and sensory stimulation. With a flexible body that can stretch, bounce, and wiggle, a little one’s imagination could run wild for hours. Available in eight different colors.

2. Wood Fidget Puzzle

These twelve fun fidget blocks work together in thousands of ways. Twist and connect to your heart’s content with these half-inch blocks that connect via heavy-duty elastic string. Happy building!

3. IsoFlex 

An ideal toy for sensory stimulation and tactile input, the IsoFlex Stress Ball is filled with micro beads and can be used as a therapy ball, exerciser, or for loads of fidgeting fun. IsoFlex’s walls are double-lined with natural latex for extra durability and a unique, soothing feel. And since it can massage your palms and relieve stress, the IsoFlex is a great idea for adults and children alike!

4. Squigglets

These awesome, colorful bracelets double as sensory balls that can be flung, skaken, and worn, too. With a soft, squishy, and satisfying feel, squigglets can be adorned sometimes as anklets, too. The interesting texture of squigglets also provides sensory stimulation and tactile input for anyone with ASD or SPD. 

5. Tangle Jr (Textured)

Tangle Jr is another, fun fidget toy that provides a creative outlet for kids with its textured surface. Tangle Jr’s twistable body with endless possibilities makes this toy a fun one to explore. While it provides tactile sensory stimulation, it’s also a great way to de-stress. You can also connect several together to make a long Tangle snake.

6. Soft Star Chew

Moms, teachers, and therapists alike love letting the Soft Star Chew help soothe children’s anxiety while also keeping fidgeting fingers busy. This one’s made of terry cloth, providing natural comfort for your wee one’s mouth. The same company, Abilitations Chewlery, also makes a cute purple elephant version.

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