When I first saw this tactile tool, I was intrigued by it.  Because it just simply looks inviting.

It was when I held it that I could totally see the attraction to it.

Its name is Ballyhoo.  It is a textured ball on its own but has six smaller balls inside of it.

It is like the big ball, which is red, is the home or resting place for the smaller ones.

The thing I like about the Ballyhoo is the nice weight to it without being heavy. It has some swirly textures on it that will make it easier to grip so it does not drop.  I am always thinking of the weight being attractive to those with sensory issues as weighted items provide nice input for their neurological systems. Also, the weight of the Ballyhoo will help to promote fine motor skills and strengthen hand muscles and grip. The tactile ball is geared for the ages of six months to four years.

The “home” or big red ball has five smaller balls that a child can pull out and put back in. I loved this because it help them work on finger strength and motor skills. And even motor planning to figure out how to push the small textured balls back into the right spot.

Maybe the big red ball is too hard to grip? Try working and playing with the smaller balls.  The Ballyhoo mini balls transform into a nice sensory toy perfect for little hands.

Each little ball has its own unique texture and characteristics.

For example, the blue ball has ALOT of grip to it and bounces nicely, while the purple one has a bubbly appearance to it.

The green one squeaks.

The orange one is for squeezing, almost like a stress reliever.

The pink one is spikey, and when rubbed between the palms gives nice sensory input, while still being squeezable.

In our world, toys with many parts are hard to keep track.  I can remember finding almost all the pieces of the toy Michael wanted to play with and then spending a long time hunting for the remaining pieces.

So another aspect I like is that while all the little balls store nicely in the big one, the big one has a sturdy home for itself as well.  It is actually the tray that the toys arrives in that doubles as the “home” for the toy.

I have to say that our resident toy tester, Michael, took the blue ball to bounce it around the kitchen.  So while it is geared for a certain age group, it can be fun for older kids as well.

The Ballyhoo would be a nice addition to a sensory bin and one’s sensory diet.  It is a fun way to incorporate some fine motor work disguised in play time!

So take a peek at the tactile Ballyhoo on our site and see if you agree.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti

author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”