I know I have told this story before but I think I will start off with it again.

I had a friend who I adored, she was a speech therapist and I turned to her for help and some thoughts about Elizabeth, who was about 2 at the time.  I was so nervous and near tears practically all the time at this point.  And as my friend held Elizabeth, she told me. “Love her Michele.  Simply love her, time will pass and you will always know you did this.”

I will tell you there have been many impacting words spoken to me over the years with Elizabeth but none as much as those words.  I have heard them in my head as she turned 3, then 10 then 15 and still at the age of 22.

You may be asking why the need for this post today?  I have to say it is the arrival of fall.

I know that sounds kind of odd to say but it is.  It is the traditions that fall brings that actually did it:

-The hunt for the perfect pumpkin.

-The family pictures in the bright colors of fall

-The costume planning and/or making for trick or treating.

I saw the cutest young family taking photos this Sunday as we were getting 2 pumpkins minus our children due to our need for 2 pumpkins and their need to do homework/ tutoring.  In any event, seeing this family brought back for me the memories of our young picture taking and the fun of the season.

Now, keep in mind, there was special work involved in any and all events due to Elizabeth’s special needs.  Her sensory processing disorder and dyspraxia made us  think things through for her and we took the time to see it all through her needs and eyes as we planned things.

But we did plan them.

And we enjoyed the fun and good of them.

Were the experiences those picture perfect moments?

No, they were not.

Sometimes the experiences were cut short by crying or a meltdown and other times all was amazing and well.

But we tried.

And we have the memories in our hearts and photos to keep forever.

So, I offer to those on their own journeys to take the opportunities to make the memories and do the stuff of the season.

It may work and it may not but you will know you did it.  And just like my friend said…time will pass and you will know you did it.

I wish everyone a peaceful week!

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’ Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues