By the time you read this, it will be day 4 or 5 that we are officially home related to the Corona virus.  At least as this relates to Elizabeth’s brother.  Elizabeth has actually been home 2 weeks due to spring break that led into this pandemic which led to her university cancelling all face to face classes for the remainder of the semester.

So we went from having a nice week off with some fun things planned to wondering how the transition to being OFF would actually look.

When it was official that she would be off along with her brother, I took the time to talk to her about why she was off.  I explained about the coronavirus and how it is dangerous but that there are things we can do to help ourselves be healthy.

I told her about good handwashing and why it is important to do it more now than ever.

I told her about how to use sanitizer the correct way.

Because of her global dyspraxia, that makes learning a new skill challenging, we practiced how to wash her hands the way that is recommended by the CDC.

And we practiced how to use sanitizer the right way as well.

For those who need to talk to you child about the virus and what it means there is a social story available on the website called:  or

So now that we had the talk why things were changing, we talked about what we were going to do with our days and we made a schedule that we can follow each day.  The schedule included time outside,schoolwork time, quiet time, lunch time, walk time, reading time etc.  While not detailed it is the rough outline that we are using to base our days, to give our day some structure.  Our days start at 9:00, so this way Michael won’t sleep in until 11 everyday…again, some structure.

What we fill in for each slot will be determined on Sunday when we make up our weekly schedule.  Schedules for those with special needs can be comforting, even if most of the things that they are used to doing and like to do are not on it.

Elizabeth and I had a talk about her need to tell me when she was anxious and/or overwhelmed due to her sensory processing disorder (SPD) and when she needed  a break.

We are making sure to put workouts on her schedule because they are calming to her system and something we can keep up here at home.

So how are we doing?

So far so good.

We are trying to keep upbeat and stress that we get to enjoy the time together with everyone off.

Thankfully, the weather has gotten a bit better here so we can head outside too!

Knowing how your child works and their needs are the tools that you have to help your family begin to navigate these uncharted waters.

I hope everyone finds their new normal and stays safe!

Michele Gianetti author of :

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues