Well big news is we got the mini muffins in our grocery order.  Which leads me to say we learned we can do okay with grocery delivery, meaning that the substitutions are not that bad for now.

That is one thing we learned, among many, during this long quarantine.

We also learned that a schedule is important not only to Elizabeth, who has special needs, but to us all as it gives us a sense of grounding during the day.

We learned that taking time to be alone when needed is hugely important and something that needs to be honored.

We have learned that each day is very similar to the one before but that that fact can actually be a bit of a comfort when the world seems so very out of control

But one of the things we learned has to do solely with Elizabeth.

Now she has been working very hard to “be ok” during this pandemic.  She and I have made time to talk about her feelings and keep her busy while not overdoing since her sensory processing disorder (SPD) can show itself in increased anxiety when she is overly tired or stressed by outside things.  So it is, for us, a balancing act.  One thing that has helped her is that we have scheduled some video visit times with her therapists, friends and workouts and the happy thing we learned is that

Elizabeth does really well with these things:   zoom gatherings, Google duo and Facetime. I have actually had the therapists talk to me about how nicely she maintains focus, follows commands and really engages well.

I have to say this is a pleasant finding…a gift of this time.

I have talked to a friend of mine who has a daughter with special needs as well and she told me that she her daughter verbalized how happy she was that she was home more and that she does want to be busy “like before”  what makes this so wonderful is that the these feelings were well thought out and told to my friend.  And my friend, said that she is going to have more conversations about this with her daughter when the time comes for them to face a schedule.

That was a gift of this time for my friend.

My other friend had the time to help her special needs daughter learn to ride her bike.  A motor skill that was very off putting.  Now she can ride!

In a time where so much is challenging, emotions are strong in many directions, finding gifts  lifts the heart.

I know that the fact that we are caring how we are ordering mini muffins tells you just how different our lives are from before but being given these lifts to the heart help.  Maybe your eyes will find a gift as well.

I hope that you do.

And that you are safe.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues