So hard to believe we have ridden out this pandemic for over 8 months!

We are now seeing cases spiking, tempers rising and emotions firing and yet no matter how we feel we are still in the middle of this world of uncertainty and now add in the holiday time.

With so many people decorating early and quite lavishly, all with the intent to bring joy to their lives, we almost step over the holiday of Thanksgiving.

The one holiday we have with the near to command we give thanks. We may all know that giving thanks is an easy proposition when things are calm and kind of headed in the direction we want but maybe not so easy when we are facing a challenge. Note I said A challenge as in one. So since we have all had WAY more than that this year it may be even more challenging to find a way to be thankful.

Here is what I know about being Thankful or grateful and it come from living life with my daughter, Elizabeth. She is my daughter who has special needs. She is 23 years old currently and has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Global Dyspraxia. For her, life has been a lot of work. Learning skills, step by step that others can do easily. Learning to talk at age 5 while others began talking at age 1. But despite the work involved in each day of her life, she has the most gentle disposition, a most amazing, loving heart and her outlook on life is where I learned the ability to find gratitude.

Be grateful for the little things

Be grateful for the sunrise

Be grateful for the sunset.

Be grateful for the people you love around you.

Be grateful for the things you can do.

Be grateful for each day together.

Be grateful for learning something new.

Be grateful for all the things you cannot put into a box.

We have so much to be stressful about, so much that takes our emotions but finding gratitude can give you strength, calm you down, and help you to be in the moment.

Just some thoughts here as we celebrate Thanksgiving in this very crazy year.

I wish everyone peace and PLEASE wear a mask.

Michele Gianetti