So last week’s blog was about needing a break.

I have to say that this week was marginally better for me.

By marginally better I mean congratulations to me for getting through that pile of stuff on our kitchen table and for successfully making dinner each night this week ( without asking them why cereal won’t work) as well as not caring Michael forgot his lunch this week! ( little successes, people!)

But I have to admit that although there are marginal gains in my week, I can so see that the building up of reserves takes a lot more than it takes to lose your reserves. It seems that a few moments each day in meditation or in prayer can quickly be undone by dealing with a customer service person who requires you be on hold for 35 minutes to ask a question that takes only one, so the work is real.

But this week, I will say that I was watching a morning news program and they were talking about the need for us all to find the “nugget of positivity” in a day. That LITTLE thing that you can “hold onto” in this world that has gone crazy.

I don’t know what it was about hearing this but it really brought home to me that fact that the entire world is probably feeling like raising their hands if they need a break. And truly, why not?!?! And that is for the typical person….

Now enter into the mix our special needs children. The ones we work so hard for each day. The ones who can simultaneously make you hug the heck out of them and scream at the same time. They are such treasures but can take so much of our reserves as we help them navigate life. But these beautiful children are so intuitive, aren’t they? They can sense things in others that we cannot. They can sense our feelings/emotions. That is a gift they have…..

The reserves are running low….I get home from taking Michael to school the other day and I get in the garage to look up and see Elizabeth at 7:34 am smiling at me in the door. Her smile makes my heart happy. But I am feeling like I could use just a bit more time to be “quiet” before she and I begin our day together…just a moment to take a few breaths before we get started on her goals and plans for the days. Elizabeth reaches out to hug me good morning. She senses I could use the hug.

The reserves are running low as the load of laundry looks suspiciously like the EXACT same laundry I put away yesterday but then I look up and see Elizabeth folding the towels and bopping around the bedroom putting away socks and items. She is sensing again.

The reserves are running low as I see ANOTHER load of dishes in the dishwasher to put away. I marvel at just how many dishes one family can make in a day. I look up to see Elizabeth and hear her ask ” Do you need some help Mom?” I said yes and off she went to help.

She has done so many of these pretty great things this week. I think she is partly concerned that I am seriously depleted and also because she knows that she can help and make things go smoother in the house. She senses it…

She suggested we “get a coffee”

” Let’s head to the library” she suggests

“We might as well get out for a bit” She says as we talk about picking up lunch.

I have to say I am grateful for who she is. A beautiful person who is so intuitive.

Very grateful.

I am proud of her ability to sense the change in the color of my heart. ( Elizabeth can see the color of your heart related to your emotions. Red is mad, green is sad and more) and judge what to do..

She has told me mine was purple (frustrated) and green.

Probably pretty true. Getting more pink ( happy) but true for now.

I think my telling you all this is to say that this week was not magically all better than last…. Better…. but not all the way. But how nice to see my Elizabeth not only knowing she can help and being happy and proud to do so.

We work so hard for these beautiful children each day. How wonderful to see that the love we give to them is something they learn and can give to others as well.

Please take care of yourselves! The road is long and it is ok not to be ok.

I wish everyone a peaceful week, myself included.

Michele Gianetti author of “I Believe In You”