I was on a social media site this week and saw that I had some notifications that certain people put into their story. So I took a moment to scroll through them and as I did I started to think about some things. One of which was that each person felt that that moment in time in their life was something that needed documented and sent out into the social media universe.

Second is that each person’s circle of their world is clear. My journey and its highlights, while amazing to me and quite timely, exist in its own circle and yours would do the same. So we really have all these circles that represent the lives of people all sort of, well for a lack of a better word, circling among each other.

Near to each other but not really touching.

I can hit a button indicating I like or love something someone posted and truly mean it but then go back into my own circle and keep doing my life or world.

Or maybe someone will do the same for the things I put our there and feel are important.

I was talking with a friend today and she mentioned all the emojis she got from an emotional post she shared about a friend who went to heaven. The responses are all there and done with heartfelt feelings I am sure but then everyone goes back into their circles.

I think it is really just the fast paced, quick world we are living in. Where a big new story gets the attentions for its requisite 15 minutes of fame, where we all respond but then retreat to the circles and live around the event.

As mom to a child with special needs, my daughter, Elizabeth age 23, I see how much separation there is between the world our children live in and the world of the typically developing. I see the importance of understanding and caring becoming the bridge from one world to the next. And I know just how wonderful it is when those bridges are created and allow for caring and love to be shown and given to our special children.

I saw a social media post the other day, a cartoon image of a special needs mom who fell into a hole, symbolic of the challenges we face in our daily lives. What followed were the words said by others. Such as someone saying, “Tell me how you fell.” And another saying, “I will talk to others and make a decision how to help you.” But it was the other special needs parent who said, “I got you, I have been there before and I know how to help you get out.”


Doing something for someone in need.

That is so moving to me.

It is caring.

It is understanding.

It is giving of yourself to others.

It is the chance to leave a circle that is yours and and enter another person’s

And support them.

I hope to be the one who has learned by life with my beautiful Elizabeth to leave my circle and join another person’s if I can.

We are all in this thing called life together.

Michele Gianetti