I am not sure where I last read this but I was clicking around the internet to some groups in one of the social media outlets. It was for special needs parents and the one comment said how hard it is as a parent of a child with special needs when you see your child working so hard to do something that others can do quite well and fast. And how hard it is to come to grips with the fact that our special needs children will not be doing things at the times they should…like their neurotypical peers do.

This was on my mind because my daughter, Elizabeth is now 24+ years old and, for those who don’t know, has special needs. She has global dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder (SPD). These make her life some pretty hard work each day.

AND she is still accomplishing wonderful things.

Maybe they are things that others her age may have done earlier. Okay! not maybe but definitely.

But does that really diminish the fact that she is now doing it?

I think not.

In fact I think not so strongly that any success she does will still be something I can live off of for a long while.

And why is that you may ask?

Because SHE DID IT! She has these disorders that are ALWAYS there and ALWAYS affecting her days and actions and she fought through them AGAIN, worked hard and worked harder and DID IT.

So how wrong, in my opinion, would it be to minimize this success because it should have been done a few years ago. Who really cares?

It a child is neurotypical and is struggling with doing something we know many a pediatrician who would encourage parents that all children learn at a certain pace and some want to learn this one thing first and will focus on it fully and then they will move on to the next thing they want to really focus on.

So we just cheer on the successes and enjoy their pride in it.

Elizabeth and I just started her vision therapy exercises this week and as we were starting them, complete with a BIG binder of info, calendars and places to write what we did, how she did, remarks, and questions I might have, it all came flooding back to me.

The therapies of the past, similar binders, plans, outlines etc.

And it got me thinking (again) Wow, she has really worked hard in her life and (also, wow we have been at this a LONG time)

But will we still celebrate the successes we hope to see from this therapy.

YES! Because she worked for it.

It will be a success for her.

Could/should it have been done earlier? Maybe,

But a success is a success.

The time it is done in is not right or wrong.

It is their time. This is how we see it.

So maybe to those who think about this often, maybe some words from this person right here, some 24+ years into this journey can be ones that will help just a bit.

Enjoy the successes as they arrive WHENEVER they do.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes In Herself.