So, I love music playing in the kitchen as I mill about and since I seem to spend the majority of my time in this room, I love the way music makes me enjoy my tasks better.

I seem to go through music jags too! Currently I am on a Doobie Brothers kick. I love the retro feel to it.

And let’s face it, music can bring back memories very quickly as well as bring out emotions. I know we can all hear a song and have it take you right back to a certain place, time or feeling.

So, with that said there is one song that is played in the line-up of songs by them, Another Park Another Sunday, that takes me back to being quite young around 8 or so.

I love this song because the memory with it is pretty calm, cozy and peaceful.

In my mind, I am taken back to a cozy night at home, around the dinner table and the thing I see clearly is that it is dark outside. I see the kitchen window and through it, I see the dark night, the outline of the trees in the backyard and the back patio light shining just a bit.

But there is something about that window and the darkness that made me think a bit more about it. The window was dark but it was a comforting dark and the house was simply quiet. Maybe there was the hum of the TV but that was it. It was like we were allowed to be done with our day.

It was okay to take time to regroup, time to kind of “Be”

Because at that time in the world and in day-to-day life, there wasn’t the continual onslaught of information and input that we have now.

There was just a shutting off of the busy of the day to get to the quiet and time off of the night.

Now, there is NEVER an off, just a different busy. Maybe we aren’t at school or work and seeing actual people but it feels as if we are….all the time. Between all the social media outlets, texting, zoom calls and more, the connection and input simply doesn’t stop.


But having a child with special needs has taught me so much about the need for this piece of old.

In my daughter’s life all 24 years of it, we have seen the absolute need for her to have the quiet and the regrouping. For those who don’t already know, Elizabeth is my middle child and has dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder (SPD) and her system requires:

Time to reset.

Time to “Be”

Time to be allowed to end a day

Time to say no to more input

I know so many people who have to schedule a lot in the lives of their special needs child but sometimes it is good to think about the need to schedule the down time too!

To not be afraid to speak to their need for it. Even in the world that directs and commands us to keep going.

Maybe our special needs children are simply showing that, in their need for a built-in stop, they need us to help them find the very life that was just naturally there years before. One that naturally flowed to this quiet point.

I know my memory of the quiet is a soft and good one for my heart.

I like to think we can offer the same to our special children, without fail.

I wish everyone a peaceful week,

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes in Herself.