I think that one thing is for sure and that is that we are all on this wild roller coaster of life. Things are changing minute to minute and so many things are such that your find your jaw dropping as you try to understand yet another thing that is going on in this world.

For those who have special needs in their life, we are all on a different kind of roller coaster. Some days are amazing with our child with special need while other days are so just not.

They work hard in life.

We work hard for them to achieve the best they are able in their lives.

While those two things are not the issue, it is the emotions that go with our lives that is our unique roller coaster, our wild ride.

I can tell you flat out that this Monday was NOT. Repeat NOT the banner morning for Elizabeth. She woke up and was to start her Gymster’s job for the summer session. Then she was headed to the YMCA to work out with her employer of Gymster’s, aka our dear friend Liz.

The job was not new, but the place was as it is summer…..creating anxiety

The YMCA was not new, but she had not been there in a long time due to COVID…..creating nervousness at the unknown

She went to bed organized, happy and looking forward to her day.

She woke up so very disorganized, nervous, upset and short tempered.

My emotions went from high and positive, to confused and full of questions to help her, to upset that she was not ok, to frustrated that nothing I said helped to angry that she was going out of her way to show her frustration to me.






Loop the Loop

This is something that, unless you are on a special needs journey, you truly cannot understand.

I have a friend whose daughter is an amazing young lady with special needs. My friend was on the phone with me yesterday and sounded so defeated as she told me a bit about her daughter’s “really tough” day and how hard it all can be. My friend was also the same one who, about a month or so ago, was as elated as a mom could be, about her daughter’s grade in a college program class she was taking.





We choose to take the good and cherish it. Be it big or small. No question there as this helps to nourish our reserves for when the “down” comes. But the roller coaster of emotions is tough.

I am writing this to just be honest and a support to someone who may be wondering if what they feel is normal and ok.

It is.

It doesn’t mean you will change anything in how you work, support, live with and love your child, but sometimes it helps to know you are not alone in how you feel or even alone in the seat of the roller coaster.

Going back to Elizabeth. At the age of 24, she took a pill this week. All of you will understand how excited and happy we were. Sensory issues make it hard for her but she tried and did it.

UP again we go!

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of I Believe In You