I think one harded things I have both learned and had to accept on this journey with Elizabeth is that her disorders will NEVER go away.


They may fade into the backround and maybe hardly be seen sometimes. But they will never be gone.

I think that we know our children with special needs, how they work, what they like, love or hate.

It helps us to do our best for them, to help others understand them and how they “work”

This helps us teach those who work with them because once our children are understood, they real good stuff comes.

But the one thing that I had to learn years ago is that no matter how much work we do or how calm she seems at any one time, her disorders will always be a part of her. For those who don’t know, my daughter, Elizabeth has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and Global Dyspraxia.

And with these disorders comes a certain given amount of anxiety.

Sometimes the anxiety comes from the anticipation of a new thing (SPD) How will I manage it?(SPD) How will I do the things this involves (dyspraxia)

And sometimes it comes as a result of changes or stress. How can I handle all that is going on? (SPD) How can I deal with these emotions?( SPD/Dyspraxia)

So truth be told, we have had a great number of stressors in our home this month. From COVID, to an ill family member (my mom) to planning for, and dealing with Elizabeth’s beloved sister moving to Colorado to finish her residency. Add in the fact that June’s schedule had no real pattern ( vacations for friends/work schedule changes/COVID for friends)

And you have a real potpourri of reasons that we started to hear some humming from Elizabeth. That is the sign that internally, she is struggling. I can see that she looks a bit more disorganized as she is going about her life and we have talked about it. But not the WHY, more like the HOW CAN I HELP YOU WITH THAT TASK.

Now the humming. Which we have not had as part of her for a LONG, LONG time.

Hence the thinking about her system and that those disorders have moved from the recesses of her to the forefront!

So last night we had a girls night and during that night, we talked….

She cried for her sister.

She cried for the changes that make her heart sad.

She cried because ” I have to be happy again’

We talked more.

She is so amazing and in touch with her feelings and emotions.

Life comes at all of us and we can all be sent reeling with it but for those with special needs, it is just that much harder.

I am guessing we have some more work and talking to do to help her come down from the month we have had. After all, we all need support and help from others.

I just went upstairs to offer her some therapy music to help her system calm a bit.

I wish everyone a peace week.

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes In Herself