I know that for anyone who has followed our story and Elizabeth’s life you know that she and her sister are very close. They love each other very much and really “get” each other. Even with Elizabeth’s special needs, Emily got her. Through the therapy for her dyspraxia, and sensory issues (SPD), Emily got her.

I can see that when Elizabeth has one of her stressful moments, Emily becomes The Elizabeth whisperer and helps her with her emotions and then kind of lets the rest of us in on what is going on.

Or when Emily is having one of her stressful moments, Elizabeth will give her one of her big hugs, read the color of Emily’s heart and help her and us know what is going on. Such as “Emily’s heart is red, she is really mad right now about…..”

They still get on each other’s nerves, which is a normal sister, sibling thing.

But they love each other so much so when it was time for Emily to move for her residency, it was a tough tough thing. Emily had a lot of months she was in and out due to obligations for her medical school training, which was hard as well but there was a point that Elizabeth knew she was coming back.

Then came the time that Emily moved for a year and now for 3. It was a slow and big transition for us all but especially for Elizabeth.

But I am happy to say that it feels we are on the other side of the mind-numbing emotions and are hitting a bit of a stride in terms of staying connected with Emily. Such as texts, video chats etc.

And when I say stride, I mean as in the past month or so.

So good for us! Right?


Sort of, actually,

Because last Sunday I see Elizabeth hugging her brother, Michael, and sort of tearing up. I hear her say “I’m going to miss you, buddy.” and Michael responds that he will miss her too on his first day back to school as a junior, but “I will be back tomorrow night.”

I love those last words so much, but it kind of got me thinking of the time, in a mere two years, when Michael cannot make that statement to Elizabeth and how that will be for her.

UGH! is the punch in the gut feeling I got with that one.

I hate that sometimes life shows you just how much it is changing on one hand and in the same glance you can see just how much it did not on the other. By this I mean, we have and are working so hard for Elizabeth to find her path in the world and at the same time, she is STILL the one hugging the people who are moving past her to the bigger phases of their life.

It is weird, not settling and kind of hard on the heart.

I know we will continue, as we all do, to work for and with our children with special needs but sometimes life just comes by and taps you on the shoulder and hands you a bit of reality.

I feel as if sharing the story, is giving an honest image of the emotions that run around this house at any given time!

I love that my children love and enjoy each other, so the takeaway gift will be that piece. The emotions will be the things we will work with and through as time goes on.

I wish everyone a peaceful week,

Michele Gianetti author of I Believe In You