Hi, my name is Michele Gianetti and I am happy to be the blog writer for Special Needs Essentials.  

I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.  I am currently 50 years old and I have three amazing children.  Our middle child has special needs.

Prior to having children, I graduated from YSU with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  I worked mostly in community health situations at the health department and then as a school nurse for five years.  

Our middle child was born in 1997. Elizabeth.   It was at this point that our world changed dramatically and we began my journey with a special needs child. Specifically Sensory issues and Dyspraxia.  I learned so much in my early years with Elizabeth.   Through the years she has made wonderful, amazing gains in her life.  She has also given us so many gifts along the way.

I wanted to share her story…our story to help others. So I wrote my first book.  In the book I tell about some heartfelt stories, share the therapies we have tried, our successes and ouribelieveinyou
failures.  All to let others know they are not alone on this journey.

Elizabeth told me one day, probably a year before I started writing my book,  that people don’t understand me, mom.  I started thinking that this book would be my tribute to her.  To let the world know all she can do and all she has accomplished.  And through the book, I told her, Now Elizabeth, everyone will understand you.

I also wanted to let parents and caregivers know that you can make a difference in your child’s life.

I am excited to share these blogs with you.  My hope is that my years of life with Elizabeth and the experiences we have had will help others on their own journeys.

I hope to write blogs that are honest, helpful and hopeful. Blogs that share thoughts, ideas and support.  Because even though we are all on our own special journeys, our goals are the same.

Michele Gianetti


“I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey”