Merry Christmas!  This is one of most meaningful and beautiful times of the year.  

The lights, the sounds, the smells!  For most of us, the season would not be the same without them.  But for those with Sensory issues, those same things can make them feel stressed or even trigger a meltdown.

We have a number of Christmas season, with all their unique stresses, under our proverbial belt, with Elizabeth.  And armed with these life experiences I have to say that managing your child’s sensory needs will most definitely help to make the holiday much smoother, happier and memorable.

Some children need stimulation when they are stressed, others, like Elizabeth need a quiet space.  Knowing what your child needs and how to provide it is critical.

I thought to start I would share some ideas of how to help you and your child succeed.

-When Elizabeth needs a break, she heads to her room upstairs.  She gets on the floor and uses her Senseez cushion  as a calming tool.  She covers herself with a heavy quilt and listens to music. To have this kind of break will help her reset and when she is ready to come down she does.  

-When Elizabeth needs stimulation, and I know when she does because she heads downstairs to her swing or her net swing.  She is looking for the motion of the swing and the twisting of the net swing.  She can’t always do this as this would require bringing our basement with us everywhere( it is okay to smile here).  Something to consider is a toy called a Bilibo.  This is a very cool toy that serves all the above purposes.  And better than that it is so easy to take with you, that you could offer it out to your child at anyone’s house and they could get the movement they need.

– While Elizabeth has never done this, my beautiful son Michael does and this is chew…
ryan_disc_chew_sit_cropped_5b398289-4bfe-4f2f-9580-8af52cdb1dd2_largechews on his shirt, his pencil top and I am sure he would chew on his binder if her somehow could.  If your child does this an appropriate toy to give them the sensation they are looking for is crucial.  How much better to have a
Chewigem to offer them, then keep
reminding them to take their shirt out of their mouths.

-My last thought for this blog is that if your child needs to really block out those offensive noises you can offer them a quiet space, but really how many are there during a family gathering or out during the holidays?  


Boomer Phelps during the 2016 Olympics

But something to consider if using noise dulling headphones.  Anyone who watched Michael Phelps this summer saw baby Boomer sporting the same headphones I am talking about.  EarBanZ are something to consider if your child is one who needs this quiet often

It is better to assess your child’s needs early in the season, then you can plan what you will take and not take to parties or gatherings. Have tools in your toolbox will help make the holidays memorable for the best reasons.

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