“I mean ‘Jingle Bells.’ You know, Santa Claus and ho-ho- ho and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls,” Famous words from now over, 50 yr old “Charlie Brown Christmas” In the quote Lucy sums up what Christmas means to her, and we all know she ends up learning the true meaning of Christmas and singing around a seriously nice Christmas tree. But to all of us, this wonderful holiday time means different things. I know some friends who have quiet holiday traditions and I know some others who do some very fancy dressing for their parties.


We May All Need Her This Time of Year



Along the same point, I have friends who shop all day every day for presents to “ find the perfect one” and I have THAT friend (and she knows who she is) that shops in July for Christmas! (On a personal sidebar here, she does have to spend a lot of time finding hiding places for these early gifts and that point brings me some comfort in a bit of a jealous way.) Me? I am a big list maker….not one or two lists…..NOPE, think five or six. And I

Me? I am a big list maker….not one or two lists…..NOPE, think five or six. And I absolutely love the feeling of checking things off of them. So I approach the holidays by writing down any and all things. For me doing this allows me to keep the pace at normal busy and not ramp it up to holiday frantic. I really cannot function under frantic because Elizabeth cannot function under frantic…and let’s face it, my being frantic can only lead to one result and that is it spreading to everyone else in the family. So I try to avoid The trickle down of emotions.

So I make those lists.

One for presents…
One for food to buy…
One for calls to make…
One for plans at school…
One for family or holiday parties…. And truthfully probably more but you get the idea.



Though We Can Think of Someone with a Much Longer List

It’s the last two that I have to work on more than the others because I need to be aware of how any and all of the plans will work with Elizabeth and her sensory needs.


For example, as I am typing this a segment for a local Christmas open house is on our local morning show. It looks so festive and fun so going would be a nice Christmas-y thing to try. But with regard to Elizabeth’s needs I would have had to think about:

Space- Will it be crowded at certain times?

Lighting- Will it be dark in any rooms?

Timing- How long do we think we will stay?

Your child’s sensory needs will be different from mine and so on. So once you understand your child and their sensory needs , you can plan activities and events. You can even put on your “sensory goggles” and look at each invite or activity through them to see what you can and probably shouldn’t try ( at least for now). With the “goggles” on, you can see all the things you can do, things you need to modify and the things you would not wish to attempt.


-make those lists

-organize the wonderful holiday season.

-plan those outings

-look forward to making memories

– And Be sure to check them twice!

But don’t forget the goggles!

Our beautiful Christmas memories are too many to count and too wonderful to put into words. And I wish the same for you and your families.

And remember the words of Linus “That’s what Christmas is all about”
-Michele Gianetti


We Hope Your Tree is As Bright!