They are cute.

They are colorful.

They make you want to play with them.

These were my first thoughts when I first opened the box of Bilibo mini’s

These actually are small plastic, well actually, shock resistant polyethylene “bowls’

They are smooth to the touch and nest in each other nicely.

I think the best thing about these is that they are simple in their appearance but offer so many options for use.

Because we have had such a journey with speech and language with Elizabeth, my mind goes right to the ways that these cute little guys could be used in the therapy tool realm.

I think of using the Bilibo’s Mini’s to encourage language when counting.

**There are six of them in the pack.

I think of using them to learn and say basic colors.

** The colors include: pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and red

I think of using them to sort colored objects.

**You can use descriptive language of the objects that are being sorted.

These are just a few early development skills that come to mind.

A lot of time, the gift of curiosity or imaginative play can be challenging for those with special needs, so the chance to use the Bilibo Mini’s to encourage the above is fantastic! 

**The Bilibo mini’s offer so much in the way of imaginative play.

**And they don’t require fine motor manipulation to begin to play. I can remember a lot of times that Elizabeth would be frustrated when attempting to play with items that she just could not “work” with her Dyspraxia.

The Bilibo Mini’s can be transformed into…


garages for cars

cars themselves

little beds for dolls

toys for the tub

scoopers for snow or sand 

sensory bin tools

Other uses

** these cute little guys can also be used a small snack cups. I can see some of those fishy crackers fitting nicely in the bowls when it is time for a bit of relaxing, maybe around family movie time.


**Or even to hold some small craft items when doing a craft at home or school 

Like I said before, they really do make you want to play with them.

So maybe you could take a look at them on our site and see what you think.

I am sure you can come up with some of your own ideas for your child.

I wish everyone a great start to their August and a peaceful week.