When you have a child with special needs, your life can quickly become all about the therapies, the doctor’s appointments, working with your child and advocating for them. Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in all that needs done in a day.

As you may know, we are 20 years into our journey with Elizabeth. And it was about five years into this journey that I received some good advice from a dear friend. She told me that I really needed

 to make sure to take some time each day for myself. To relax, recharge, or reconnect. She told me to pick something that I loved and try “really, really hard” to fit it into your day.

I knew what my pick was. It was exercise. And still is. It was a huge stress reliever to me. Fitting it in was not always easy and it sometimes took the most creative of shapes. I have been known to get up before five in the morning to grab a workout.

But not always could I fit in a treadmill workout, or head for a short run. So having fitness items that allow you to sneak in some exercise, or be a bit creative with your workout are a true must.


 So when I saw this item arrive for my review….I said “YES!”

The item is called Stretch-eze 

It is a fitness band that can be used for a workout of Pilates, Yoga and Stretching.

But unlike a traditional band made of rubber…kind of like well… really big rubber bands, this is made of Lycra. So it is really smooth to the touch. And we all know how nice a stretchy bit of Lycra can make any product. So imagine how great this is because it is all Lycra.

It stretches so smoothly. It does not hurt to use it. There is no fast recoil when you release the pressure. So it is gentle but effective.

And it can fit in a small bag, so it travels easily. 

It can be used anywhere and this is so helpful when you are trying to fit in some exercise. I could picture some music playing and getting to use this to stretch and take down my stress from a “10” to a “2”

Take a peek at the item on our site. This item may fit your needs well!

Now to see it as something for our sensory children.

This band could be used to give some really great pressure. Kind of like a nice hug. It can be put around shoulders. Used from shoulders to feet.

Exercises could be taught to the child to help strengthen weaker muscles or to stretch tight ones. If you are a professional in the special needs community, add it to your break box at school or to your next occupational therapy appointment! 

The fact that is it easy to pack, allows you to take it with you on vacation to help your child when they need a bit of calming or proprioceptive input.

So again, take a look at the band and see if it looks like something you would like for either yourself, your child …or both.

And lastly, I offer out the same advice I got so many years ago…

Take time for yourself, in whatever form it takes. It makes you a better you-for all the people who need you most.

I wish you all peaceful week.