Okay,  I know I have seen commercials for this stuff on television and I am sure that we purchased some version of this product many years ago, but whatever we bought was not anywhere close to being as fun as this stuff.

And its name is Kinetic Sand.

At first I thought Oh, it will be lumpy and hard to work with.  But I am here to tell you that it is AMAZING!!!

  • First off, the consistency is wonderful.
  • It is fluid.  Meaning if you hold it up and let it sort of spill from your fingers, it flows into a pile
  • It is soft but when packed down, holds its shape.
  • It does not have any smell
  • Is not sticky
  • And does not make a mess.

I am so impressed with this stuff.  And being that my daughter has special needs.  Specifically,  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Dyspraxia.  Those qualities of no smell and no mess mean a lot.  Many products went by the wayside, as it was too much for her sensory system to handle.

But this Kinetic Sand is simply fun.  But there is more uses to it.

It is soothing to play with.  Calming even.

Our daughter, Emily, is in medical school and was studying for a really big test. She was pretty intense in her studying .  So when she saw this sand sitting there in the kitchen, she started to play with it.  Just stirring it around and picking it up, then letting it fall.  Rhythmically.

She told me that she felt calmer using it as she studied.  She took some to her room to “use” when she headed up there to study more.

This could be so helpful as a sensory tool.  And when placed in a nice airtight container, can be stored easily and quickly.

The sand can be used to help with some fine motor skills like cutting and scooping.  And for those who have a child like Elizabeth anytime you can get this kind of work in and make it fun is a good thing.

Michael would mold the sand.  Then use a plastic knife to cut it into shapes.  It makes a pretty neat noise when this happens.  How great to practice these motor skills!

We had the color blue but it comes in other colors like neon pink, green, purple and even brown( so similar to beach sand).

Any way, if this sounds like a fun way to bring a great sensory and calming tool to your home, take a peek at our site to read more about the sand and see the colors for yourself.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti, author of ” I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister