Can you tell me when you first learned to catch a ball?

I am going to guess that you cannot.

Maybe you can tell me an age range but probably nothing more specific.

In my opinion, it is because you “just learned” how to.  With an intact neurological system, learning these motor skills happens without much extra effort. You watch, imitate, do it a few times and voila…a skill is achieved.

Not so much when there is a special need involved.

Elizabeth has Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Her Dyspraxia makes learning these motor skill challenging.   In fact, with the disorder, motor skills need to be broken down into steps, explained, practiced and repeated. Over and over again.

For every skill.

At least this was how it was for Elizabeth.

So back to the learning to catch thing.  I remember when she learned to catch a ball. It was courtesy of a pretty great lady, who I have mentioned before, Miss Liz.

She teaches Gymster’s classes.  These classes are taught to preschools in our area as well as the special education classes in our school system.

And it was Miss Liz, who taught the skill to Elizabeth.  It took patience and practice!

If you are trying to teach your special needs child  how to catch or even a typically developing child.

It all starts with the hands in the right position.  Some good eye contact on the ball and practice.

But one thing that helps a great deal is a nice grip-able ball like the E-Z grip balls.  They will most definitely help your child to succeed in strengthening motor skills while boosting his or her confidence.

There are 6 easy grip balls in a pack. Each one is a nice bright color, but what  makes them special is their bumpy texture and grippy feel.  They “stick” nicely to your hands when you go to catch them. For those with sensory issues, they are not overly so as not to be offensive.

So that is one great feature, the other is that because of their texture, they give some nice sensory input and help with sensory development. Also, you could use the Easy Grip Balls to massage feet, hands or arms as a therapy tool.

The E-Z Grip Balls are an easy, fun fit for a sensory bin and will do their job when it comes to learning how to catch.

For the record, Elizabeth learned how to catch in elementary school and truth be told, I cannot tell you when I learned how!

I wish everyone a peaceful week..

Michele Gianetti author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”