You know when you walk into the woods somewhere and you can turn around and still see the entrance? Or if you have ever done a corn maze and you  can still see the “out” for a while.

Then you walk more and the entrance and the out fade away…you are in the middle of the woods or the maze.’

That is kind of what week 6 feels like for us.  We used to be able to “see” the beginning and have an anchor of sorts but upon entering week 6, it appears that the things we once knew as our normal, the things we left behind are not visible as we “look over our shoulders”

We are in the thick of it.

No visual on the past.

No true visible on the end.

Just walking through it.


I can see that we have all gotten into a routine of sorts. Elizabeth is up early usually and begins her day with her therapy music, followed by our family meeting and then we make a schedule for the day for everyone.  A loose one, but something to hold onto.

Elizabeth and I do some work each day.  Sometimes it is work from her school program and other times it is just work that falls into the “Life Skills” category.  I love working with her because we have the time.

Does she always want to work? No! Not always With her sensory processing disorder  (SPD) and Dyspraxia, the stress of life can make learning a challenge because she is working on living and coping takes a lot of her energy, so learning can be extra work.

But we are trying together.

But the gift of this  time together is the ability to talk  and to  help her problem solve her feelings as well.  Like the time she emphatically told one of us ” I don’t want to walk with you!  Leave me go alone.”

So? Not so good right?

But after she and I talked she told me that that particular family member has been teasing her,  in the manner that is usually okay with her because she teases back and ha-ha, it’s fun. But now?  Not so much.

Is it okay to feel this way?  Sure.

Is it okay to say these words to someone in that manner?  No, not really.

Are there other ways to say it and perhaps to convey it?  YES!

So we talked about it all…the why, the words, the feelings, and how to apologize for hurting that person’s feelings.

So we had this talk as we walked.  She got home and talked to the family member and helped them understand.

That is work for her to find the correct words…courtesy of her dyspraxia as well as find her true emotions….thanks for that SPD.

My opinion is that she needs her reserves to keep going each day, so the teasing simply didn’t settle on this day.

So that is some of the “work” we are doing.

We are navigating life in the pandemic…  Life that stresses every last one of us and our special children more!

As we keep putting one foot in front of the other, my prayer is that we can soon see the light that indicates we are coming to the end of these woods/maze.  Until then, we are simply putting one foot in front of the other and walking through.  Some days the walk is joyful, other days find emotions all over the place.

But trying to have a grateful heart for the given day helps.

Please be safe, stay home if you can!

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues