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I saw them. The young mother and her three children leaving the library. I had stopped there one morning by myself to drop off some books I had read. It is our small local branch, but it’s really quite cozy inside.  It is our favorite one to go to.  This mom was holding a child and her older two were walking beside her.  The two older children had their little backpacks on and were weighted down with their haul from the library.  They looked so cute and quite content.  I took a look at the mom’s eyes and she looked happy and peaceful….

That scene made me think of so much….some of my thoughts went a along these lines:

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I was watching a movie the other night that is really a classic. In the movie, the lead actor is in a fight that he knows he needs to win.

His companion, who is encouraging him before his battles, says, “You need to finish this fight and we can all go home.” Seeing this grown man speak about the thought of “going home” with such a reverence. Like you can have the best reward …home or …

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