Just yesterday I posted a video yesterday on my Facebook page which shows Elizabeth jumping rope.

The rope is being twirled for her, and she starts jumping then keeps jumping and starts turning in a circle.

It really is a cool video and truly made my day. For those that do not know, Elizabeth has global dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder ( SPD). This means that the motor planning Elizabeth needed to performed to accomplish this task took a lot of work. Those with dyspraxia, need to have skills broken down into small steps and practiced over and over again.

Elizabeth has practiced and accomplished the jumping part of this skill few years ago. However, it is the jumping and turning that require so much more motor planning, knowing where your body is in space and sequencing of steps to do it. I was proud of her, but the most important thing is that she was proud of herself. She came in after doing it with her friend and therapist and said” Come on out Mom, there is something you have to see.” . When she was done and we were all screaming, she put her hand up for high fives.

I love the pride she feels in herself.

Is this a skill that others have learned earlier in life? Yes

Is it a skill that for others has come easily to them? Yes

The thing is, we celebrated it because it was HER success. We celebrated it because it happened WHEN it happened for her.


She accomplished it.

The thing about our special needs children is that what they learn, how the learn and when they learn is THEIR way. And that is ok.

It is not their way as compared to others. It is simply their success.

When the new school year arrives, in whatever form it takes, knowing that no matter what goals you have for your child, try not to compare. If the goals are still the same as last year, do not get discouraged. It is on your child’s pace.

If your child completes a skill or learns a new task or says a bunch of new words…..it is all a success.

I offer this out today because after I posted the video, I started thinking of the journey that has been her life and the times I got down about goals she was doing that others her age had done a long time prior and I wanted to encourage those who are facing a school year filled with so many emotions already to not let discouragement be one of them.

In my opinion, any time is really the right time.

I wish everyone a peaceful week. And please wear a mask! I do for my mom and others who could get really ill.

Michele Gianetti