and it was sprinkles. Okay, not sprinkle sprinkles but Nonpariel sprinkles

You know the ones that are typically small while circles. They are really great on cakes or cupcakes but Elizabeth loves them on ice cream. So I bought her a large jar of them.

The jar has a lid on it that flips up and exposes 4 really big holes that allow a river of these white little candy circles to cascade onto her ice cream. The only problem is that she scoops herself a pretty full red cup of ice cream, so the sprinkles hit and stick to a degree, then pretty much run and bounce all over the counter and finally to the floor. Where we walk on them, like I did that night.

Side note…

The flip lid on the sprinkles does not close properly anymore due to the force with which Elizabeth closes the lid so those bouncy little guys are in the pantry too! Her dyspraxia really affects her life day to day, in all aspects, Here, like I posted in the previous blog, the issue of using the correct amount of pressure comes into play.

But back to the story we go….

So as I went to get the broom to sweep them up, I noticed a few rogue sprinkles WAY down on the counter from the others and darn those renegade sprinkles! Because they got me thinking about how happy Elizabeth is as she shakes these guys on her ice cream.

I mean besides the whole dessert thing, these sprinkles make her smile.

I thought again how much we all need a little “sprinkles” or Happy in our day.

We all need that something to make us smile in life and our special needs children work so hard each and everyday, that having them have that “thing” is really great for them.

I know I wrote a previous blog sometime way back in quarantine days about putting something happy into each day. So it is in that same vein of thought that I saw those sprinkles.

Something so small that creates something so big. Their something happy doesn’t necessarily have to be something big or expensive, just something that they see as a good thing. Maybe it is playing an extra game, or watching an extra show together.

With corona and social distancing. Mask wearing and hand sanitizing, we can all find ourselves full of more questions than answers. So let that little something be the thing can count on or look forward to in a world that offers little real security.

And imagine for our children, when they need to work so hard each and everyday in typical times, just how much stress and anxiety than can have navigating all the new things.

So if for us it is our walks together and those little sweet guys, called sprinkles, so be it.

I hope you and your child find the little happy thing for them and you.

I wish you a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti

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