So, upon flipping the calendar into May and watching all the little appointment cards and notes I tuck into each month just flutter to the floor, I realized two things:

One: May is going to be a busy month for us

Two: May is right before June and that means summer and why haven’t we taken a look at what our summer plans are.

I know! That is alot for the second thought but it is so true.

I mean Elizabeth and I both know that her one job at the preschools will change schedules based on summer and that her one therapist is having some surgery so that will change things there.

But did we REALLY think about those things related to her summer schedule? I mean hearing is so different from listening and processing, right?

So I guess we just listened.

And now, we need to start processing.

Elizabeth and I will have to sit down and really look at the things she is doing now and how they will look and fit into the summer schedule.

What she wants to do during the breaks that will naturally flow from schedule changes.

What she wants to add or change in her schedule.

We really do have some work ahead of us.

I have noticed as Elizabeth has gotten older and maturing into being a beautiful young adult, that there really is a sweet spot for her schedule. Too little and she is kind of bored and then she gets irritated by that but too much and her system gets overloaded and that is NEVER good.

So, we aim for the sweet spot and we use her planner as a visual for her to see all she has on one day and then we talk about how much she thinks she can do on a given day. I love that at times she will tell me that ” I think that is too much for me to do.” We are always teaching and talking, so this is so nice to see that she is judging her own limits and choices well.

But it is work. Still. Plain and simple.

And for those who have younger children without special needs it takes work but when you have children with special needs the planning is even more work. I remember those days when a wash of fear hit me that IT. WAS. TIME. TO. PLAN. SUMMER.

So below are a few thoughts I had on this for you, maybe they will help.

I have learned that the earlier that you plan things the better. – I know that there were times I thought There….I picked the camp Elizabeth was going to go to, I feel great. Only to find out that I called too late and they were filled up. So earlier calling is way better.

I also learned that you need to have a Plan B, C D and E- I learned this the hard way, that you really should have a plan for when your plan doesn’t work or is changed.  Because summer vacations for therapists, caregivers, companions and even camps that change schedules mid-way can absolutely throw your plans into a tizzy.  So, finding those other plans to fit the changes, makes me feel like I have options when I need them. Maybe a family member can be asked to be Plan C or something like that

To the point above I learned to ask everyone about their vacations early-  I would ask our therapists and companions if they knew when they were going out of town or taking time off, so that I could better prepare Elizabeth and her schedule.  Knowing this as early as possible helps so much.

I know what we will be doing this week!

Good luck to all on the planning.

I wish everyone a peaceful week!

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes in Herself