Last night Elizabeth just clicked into her 5th lesson with our new art teacher.

I have to say that this art teacher is amazing! Her personality really fits so well with Elizabeth. She is upbeat and encouraging.

I know that for Elizabeth, following directions can be challenging. Due to her dyspraxia, the concepts of over, under and next to and pretty much a whole batch of other prepositional phrases, can be a struggle for her to work with more so when she is nervous or upset about something but sometimes it is just because she has dyspraxia. So, I know that these lessons, without someone actually next to her, can be harder but she is learning and working so well with this new teacher.

This is where the timing of the lesson is important. I have learned that from years of therapies with Elizabeth, that just a random time for an appointment does not always work. I learned that before when it was just me making plans, and now that it is Elizabeth and me, that WE, think about what else she has the day of the appointment and if those will make her tired or anxious or just plain overloaded. This can make the appointment have little overall value. I know that you or I will be tired but think Oh, I forgot I had to go the the_______at 5 but I will be happy when its done.

We push through a late or early obligation but for Elizabeth, and other special needs individuals, this just may not be something they can do without an issue.

Just this week, Elizabeth had her art lesson scheduled for 6:30 on Wednesday. Now this was actually a well thought out time because that day she had very little. In fact, it was a fun day for her and I. We walked her 4.2 miles route, picked up a little lunch and went to the library.

So Check!! The day was not crazy busy.

But how were we to know that for some reason, she had a really bad night of sleep the night before. This was evidenced by the “sleepy music” that was playing at odd hours all night. We could hear drifts of the music at 11:30pm, when it woke me and at 4:30 amwhen I get up to workout. The music only plays when she puts it on as there is no repeat.

So what maybe 4.5 hours of sleep for her?

This was a variable that was not expected.

So when 6:15 arrived and her timer went off so our “Roommate” ( see previous blog on this) could get herself ready…the signs of fatigue and overload were showing themselves.

She started struggling with how to navigate her computer, click links and her voice was getting that lovely irritated sound to it (sarcasm)

She eventually got herself on the Zoom call (with moderate assistance) but she hung in.

The end result was of her efforts was an immediate warm greeting from her art teacher, who has the experience and personality that JUST FITS!

I am always so pleasantly surprised when I see just how great Elizabeth does with any Zoom meeting. She began talking away to the computer on the stand, and I was so very thankful for those special teachers who just make that difference for our children.

They do a job that requires such special gifts from God.

So thank you to those who chose this profession and thank you to those who share your gifts, love and caring. Elizabeth’s stress, and fatigue were no issues for this teacher.

The beginning was shakey but the lesson itself was great.

Again, grateful doesn’t cover it.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes in Herself