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I guess I thought we might all need this as well as well as remembering the importance of supporting each other…now more than ever.

We are the very product of the lives we have lived and are living with our special needs children….for example:

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It was about a month ago when I started having this upsetting thought… it was about the time we started to see the surge of COVID cases in our area. What was once a flat curve had since changed to some scary peaks on every chart being shown to us. It was right around the time I saw those charts that I said to my family “As tired as we are from this virus and even as we are coping the best we can, I think we are going to have to get ready to feel a lot more loss soon.” I said this because I was thinking of the upcoming holidays, including Halloween and of course, Thanksgiving and for us, Christmas and what we would NOT be allowed to do….

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