We all enter into the month of May with different feelings.

I enter into it,

Grateful:  to be looking at Summertime

Fatigued: from the work of a school year

Happy:  to see more of my children

Determined:  to make sure Summer activities are in order.

For others, the thoughts of gardens to be planted take over or thoughts of long walks or just being a bit more relaxed.

But there is one special time on the calendar that elicits many emotions just by the name itself.

And it is called Mother’s Day.

For me, just reading the name makes me think of the near to million ways my mom has affected my life.  Her love and devotion, her caring and giving and her example of strength and faith that not many can rival.

I think of how I am now the mom.

I think of how I hope I am, to my children, all that my mom was to me.

I think of how much I love my children and can NOW understand, how she felt when we were younger.

I think of the many changes in my life that have occurred in the last few years. And how many emotions they create. She had these same changes and handled them beautifully.  I now get it from her eyes.

Being a mom, allows me to better understand my mom.

Being a mom, allows me to be a touch in awe of all she handled and how well she did it all.

So I read Mother’s Day….and I feel so much.

Then I thought, how about I ask a few close friends and 4 of my favorite people in the world (my family) what thoughts come to mind when hearing the words:  

So here they are:  Enjoy

It means love.

It makes me think of all the times we shared together in happiness.


I think of my best friend.

I don’t know what I would have done without her love and support.

I think of all the things she has done for me in my life.

I think of hugs and kisses. (a little friend provided this one)

She always reads to me. ( same little friend)

I think of strength and love.

She makes me want to be just like her.

She is love.

She makes me happy when I am with her.

You can take a moment and add your own thoughts to the list.

We all buy cards with thoughts already on them, but how great to share also, what your heart feels when you hear:  Mother’s Day.

So in honor of all the moms who are reading this.

Happy Mother’s Day.

To my mom…I love you.  Simply and always.