You have seen them everywhere.

They were originally for those who needed them.

Soon they were officially a craze.

Then they were banned in most schools because they were distracting….the very opposite of their original purpose.

They are, of course, Fidget Spinners!

The thing that was wrong with the whole “fidget spinner” issue is that there were children who truly needed them but had to leave them at home because a classroom full of 26 children with their spinners was not a good thing.  

My son loves his spinners…yes!  As in more than one.  And he needs his spinner as he will fiddle with, play with and/or touch anything near him as he is talking.  So handing him something to fidget with is a pretty nice thing to have handy as opposed to him taking the lid of my pen on and off as we talk.

The whole fidget spinner thing made the world aware of “fidgets”:

-Unless your child has ADHD, autism, anxiety and/or other special needs, most people did not know there were specific items that are called “fidgets”.

-Or that they have been around for a while  

– Or that there are choices of fidgets, not just the “craze of the day.”

I know for me, I did not like the spinner but I do like to twist a rubber band if I am talking to a group of people.  It is quiet, subtle and fits what I need to have.  

The fidgets need to meet individual sensory needs.

Our website has a nice selection of fidgets that can fit the individual need of the child.

There is one for the top of a pencil.  The pencil is ribbing on it like a screw does and there is a bolt or nut on the ribbing that the student can twist or play with….quietly!!!   They are called Pencil Finger Fidgets.

There are hand held fidgets as well, such as one called Tangle Hairy Jr.  

This one is:




squishy …at the same time.  Great for sensory seekers looking for stimulation while focusing on the task at hand! 

You can mold it into many forms because it’s core is made of bendable plastic that can change shapes.  You can open it into a circle or squeeze it into a ball.  Side note, it does have an age limit of three and above.

Take a look on our site for so many more fidget options because that is what there should be….OPTIONS

Not everyone needs the same thing, at the same time, or the same way.

They are great to have in the car for a long ride or in your purse to keep for when needed like maybe waiting for the next occupational therapy session. 

So type in fidgets and have fun looking!  

I wish everyone a happy week.