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When you have a child with special needs, your life can quickly become all about the therapies, the doctor’s appointments, working with your child and advocating for them. Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in all that needs done in a day.

As you may know, we are 20 years into our journey with Elizabeth. And it was about five years into this journey that I received some good advice from a dear friend. She told me that I really needed

When Elizabeth was younger, she had adapted PE each week.

The teacher is an amazing, innovative, energetic lady. She would always have fun activities for Elizabeth to do. So much fun, in fact, that Elizabeth did not know she was learning a new gross motor skill!

One of the most fun things that Elizabeth used to talk about was when Miss Liz brought out her parachute.

“It is just fun” Elizabeth said.

Well it was through Elizabeth that this wonderful teacher and I became friends. And because of this friendship, I was asked if I wanted to train to teach some of her classes.

I did this and to this day, I love working with these children.

And I can tell you first hand, if you want to hear screams of delight, simply pull a colored parachute out of the bag and ask 

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