When Elizabeth was younger, she had adapted PE each week.

The teacher is an amazing, innovative, energetic lady. She would always have fun activities for Elizabeth to do. So much fun, in fact, that Elizabeth did not know she was learning a new gross motor skill!

One of the most fun things that Elizabeth used to talk about was when Miss Liz brought out her parachute.

“It is just fun” Elizabeth said.

Well it was through Elizabeth that this wonderful teacher and I became friends. And because of this friendship, I was asked if I wanted to train to teach some of her classes.

I did this and to this day, I love working with these children.

And I can tell you first hand, if you want to hear screams of delight, simply pull a colored parachute out of the bag and ask 

“Does anyone want to play with this?”. What a great way to encourage social interaction through group play!

Like Elizabeth said….It is just fun!

So when I was asked to write a review of the parachute that we sell, I knew that I had to tell that story!

The parachute that we offer on our site is 3.5 meters in diameter and for those, like me, who might need the measurement in feet, it is about 12 feet.

It comes with eight sturdy handles and the colors a nice and vivid, with good, strong seams. This is a must because these things are played pretty intensely during physical education or occupational therapy sessions.

I had everyone here grab a handle and give it a whirl. We did not have eight people here but found it fun with four people, each person holding two handles. I had to say that because the larger ones I use in those classes truly require many people to make it work well.

So really, a family could make good use of this without too much trouble.

If your child has sensory issues, as does Elizabeth, she did not find the handle or the texture of the parachute offensive.

And the moves that you can do with the parachute are not complicated and this is a plus if your child has motor challenges, such a Dyspraxia. Which Elizabeth also has.

Teaching the basic directional concepts of “Up and Down” “Right and Left” “Fast and Slow” are all made easier when you can use the parachute as a hands on tool.

There are so many physical education games or gross motor lessons you can do with the parachute. Also, I found it pretty nice that on the inside of the paper tube that holds the parachute, there are pictures of various activities to try along with a written description as well.

The only thing that was a bit of a struggle was putting the parachute back into the bag that it arrives in. It kind of required careful folding, which is not always easy after a fun session so my suggestion would be to invest in an inexpensive bag like a mesh one, or just a nice bag you have around to use for storage. 

So if it sounds like something you think might fit your sensory seeking needs, please take a peek.

And remember in the words of Elizabeth….“It is just fun”.

I wish you all a peaceful week.