Product Review by my son Michael, age 11

Product- Whacky Balls

This toy was one that Michael picked out of the box to review with me

otherwise known as…

“play with a purpose” I thought I would share my thoughts first then show you Michael’s review.


The Whacky Ball toy is one that has four balls and four holes on the top of a box. The object is to hit the balls with the plastic hammer and the balls go down the holes, down the ramps inside the box. Then they go out the hole on the bottom and into a tray that collects all four until you put them back on the top holes and do it again. 

What I noticed about this toy is that the colors are unique and fun to look at. Many times the colors scheme for a toy in this age bracket, which is toddlers, are done in the primary colors of red, blue, yellow and green. But the colors used in this toy are orange, pink, and olive green which, right away, makes it intriguing and easy to look at.

My only caution is that the noise it makes when you “whack” the ball and it hits the ramp can be a bit loud. So please know this if your child is sensitive to sounds. I think this toy would be helpful if you were teaching a child fine motor skills as you need to grip the hammer with enough force to hit the balls.

The Whacky Balls help promote basic direction, eye/hand coordination and imaginative play. I also think it works on tracking when you watch the balls go down the ramps because they go right to left. So it is fun but also serves a purpose of strengthening motor skills. 



Why did you pick the Whacky Balls?


I picked this toy because I had one like it when I was little and it was fun to play with. I like that the balls make a satisfying noise when you hit them. And it is fun to see how fast I can make them all go down the ramp.

What do you like most about the toy?

I like that it is a toy that you can really play with. You get to hit something and make a loud noise and no one tells you not to! It is kind of fun to watch them roll down the ramps. I hit the balls right to left, then left to right, to see which one gets to the end first.

Do you think that it is an easy toy to play?

I think it is easy to play with, but you have to be able to hold the hammer and aim right to get them to go down the ramp.

What ages do you think the toy is aimed for?

I think it would be for around age two or a little older.

Would you recommend this toy?

I would, it is fun and I think young kids would like to play with it for a while. I give it two thumbs up!

So I concluded Michaels review at this point. I will say that he was not kidding when he said he likes it. Every so often I hear four loud distinct banging noises, the sound of balls rolling and the four clinks as they enter the tray. Again and again.

So maybe this is something that you would consider for both fun and some easy “work” for your child.

Hope you enjoyed the review by my sweet little man, as his “momager” I am thinking we can get him scheduled to do another review soon.

I wish you all a peaceful week.