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When you have a child with special needs, your life can quickly become all about the therapies, the doctor’s appointments, working with your child and advocating for them. Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in all that needs done in a day.

As you may know, we are 20 years into our journey with Elizabeth. And it was about five years into this journey that I received some good advice from a dear friend. She told me that I really needed

So he sits down and begins dinner in one place.

I look over at him and he has moved.

He has fidgeted his way to the left edge of his chair.

I remind him to move back to where he started.

I look again and he has now moved forward in his seat so that he is SOOOO close to the table.

Again, I tell him to readjust.

He does— for a moment or two.

Sometimes, this is how dinner goes.


Because my son, Michael, fidgets.

He is the most wonderful little man around and he needs to move.

So when I was asked to try this

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