I just had the wonderful chance to be part of a national convention last week.  I was part of the parent forum for the conference and got the chance to share some of our story, along with 5 other parents, to help others on their speech journeys.

It was so amazing to be part of this and to know that something I said could have helped someone else.

One of the big things that came up in the conference was that so many times when a child has one special needs, there can be others as well.  Those are called comorbidities.

So when a parent talked about seeing some motor planning issues with their child who had already been diagnosed with speech issues, it was not surprising.  The child had difficulty with writing, in this case.

Because each child is so different and their needs are so different, no one way will fit. No one suggestion will fit.  But the overriding sentiment from the parents on the forum is that you advocate for your child, support your child and celebrate any and all successes achieved by your child.

I know that in our case, this wonderful support system was not available simply because it had not been established yet.  How wonderful to know that support like this IS available now.

I had one person ask me how scared I felt when we had a young Elizabeth.  I answered “scared for sure but not because we had no one but because we had a child who had something that not many professionals had really ever seen”   We felt alone.  Elizabeth’s dyspraxia was passed of as simply being ” on the late end of normal development” and her sensory processing disorder (SPD) was simply her “being difficult”.

We were scared because we did not have anyone who knew what she had or how to help. Thus, we knew time was of the essence so we began the hunt for help.

Now there are support groups for families with special needs.  In the form of groups on social media or in the form of organizations that put on conferences like the one I just attended.  And also in the form of places like Special Needs Essentials.    Years ago, I hunted and hunted until I found a place that had the things we needed.  Now they are all here at our site.

Special Needs Essentials sensory and therapy tools range from fidget tools to imaginative play toys to weighted blankets.

The site offers the options needed to help you help your child, and I am grateful to be part of it.  I am grateful my words get the chance to reach you each week. I hope my words help and encourage those who need to see them.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our store and read my words!

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of “I  Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”