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Where we live, the season of Fall brings gorgeous colors of trees as the leaves change, it is cozy sweatshirt weather and being outside is chilly but smells so good. Until

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So we begin…Elizabeth has re-entered the world a bit more.


The way she told us she needed it to.

Her sensory processing disorder ( SPD) and global dyspraxia make all this re-engagement very challenging and honestly, quite anxiety producing. I told you all about this in the previous blog.

I spent some time thinking about it all and I really thought about how dyspraxia affects a person, how much motor planning they do all day to function in the world. How they have to think and plan actions and sequences for the world they know.

NOW, the world they know or better said, KNEW, is now completely different. This means that they have to relearn it all.


Step by step

And repeat.

I can completely get how overwhelming that would be.

So we began the process of planning for her first official outing with a friend, one that was not just a walk or workout here. She knew this all before, but it is all changed now.

We talked about the corona-virus and that it is still here and we need to be safe.

She picked out a mask to wear ( pink tie dyed, of course).

She put a small sanitizer in her purse.

She told me why she can’t hug a friend, or shake hands and that she will remember social distancing.

I love that she repeats the phrase but I know that her actually doing that will be contingent on others reminding her, so I can see already the need to remind those with her to remind her (I actually wrote this down to remember in the fall for when and if her college program starts because I know she will need this type of support).

In any event, the concepts of it all are ones she gets. And that is important to grasp the concepts because then you can insert the supports that help them implement them.

So after all the prep work, she was ready to go.

And then she paced around and told me again, she was nervous. If I am being truthful by this time of it all, I was ready to say ” Come on Elizabeth, you know you will be fine” but I stopped myself because I know that I still feel lots of emotions day to day.

Finally her friend drove up.

Got out and with a mask on greeted Elizabeth.

Elizabeth put on her mask with help from me..thank you dyspraxia ( and that reminds me that we need to both work on her learning how to put it on independently as well as remember to write this down for fall as well).

And then out she went…

The world opened up a bit more…safely…..for her on Sunday.

2 hours later, she returned.

Hot, happy and all was well.

The world can be so challenging for our special needs children and now is even more so. So a gently won success is wonderful.

I hope your week is peaceful.

I wear a mask for my mom and others who can get very ill.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe in You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

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