You know how you are told to “give it a try” when you are adjusting to something new?

Or someone says “You just haven’t given it enough time, see how it goes?”

I cannot say I don’t agree with the philosophy, in many cases. However, there is one case when I think it is important to act instead of waiting a bit longer.

The case is when you are getting into the swing of a new school year for your child with special needs.  I think it is because, in my opinion, time is always critical.  It is not something you can get back.  So I have always felt that instead of waiting that bit longer, listen to your heart and decide what you want to do.

Is the year going well?  How is the work?  Is it related to IEP goals?

How is your child feeling when it is time to go to school?    Is there an anxiety that your child shows when it is time to go?  Do they tell you they don’t want to be there? Elizabeth used to talk about how she would be “just fine” over and over again on those years when she had some struggles.

How does your child arrive home from school?  Are they super stressed arriving home?  Crying?  Clingy?

How well or not well does your child’s teacher communicate with you?   This point is HUGE!  Without communication from both parties how does your child have continuity?  How can you know what went on during the day to help your child.  I know I literally panic at the thought of wondering versus knowing.

I ask these questions of you because I asked them of myself as Elizabeth has grown through the years.  I made the mistake one year of waiting until conference  night to bring my concerns to the teacher…..I cannot believe I waited until NOVEMBER, almost 3 full months of the year.

With Elizabeth’s special needs of dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder(SPD), her anxiety shows just how well or not well the year is going.

So it is up to us to advocate for our children and their special needs.  To teach the teacher and to make sure the way our  children “work” is understood.

So, I ask the question?

How are things going?

Do not be afraid to bring your concerns to the school and ask for some time to talk.  Or to the school therapist and ask for some time to talk.

It is this time to talk that can help create a team approach to helping your child have a successful year and also, not letting precious time pass by.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of “I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey” and “Emily’s Sister”