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As we all grow in life, we learn to recognize the sound of things that happen and what to do.   Such as when you hear a banging sound and you realize that it is the sound of a book or item falling, so you get up to look.  Or you hear an unmistakable sound of glass breaking.  In which case, you get up RIGHT away and look.

With that in mind, after last week I need to add another sound to my list of recognizable ones and its name is called Read the rest of this entry »

You know how you are told to “give it a try” when you are adjusting to something new?

Or someone says “You just haven’t given it enough time, see how it goes?”

I cannot say I don’t agree with the philosophy, in many cases. However, there is one case when I think it is important to act instead of waiting a bit longer.

The case is when you are Read the rest of this entry »

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