I was just reading an article on why moms typically stay up late even when they are tired. The answer is that we do that because it can be time that we can simple “BE”

Be quiet

Be in charge of the remote

Be able to think

Be—ing still

Be—ing able to regroup

Be calm to face another day.

The article was written with the general population in mind, meaning it was not focused on those mom/caregivers to special needs children.  So think about it, if that is how mom’s of neurotypical children feel…and if we are being truthful, it is all true, think about how much more important that precious downtime is to those who have a special needs child.

I know from experience how much I used to simply “GO” to therapies, home, work, therapies, home, family outings….and on and on.

I thought that all I did would fix everything, would make my Elizabeth better.  I am sure it all helped but along the way I lost myself.  I slowly learned the importance of taking time for yourself each day.  Be it a moment or an hour.  It is so important, critical really.

Elizabeth’s disorder, sensory processing disorder (SPD) and global dyspraxia will not go away so there will always be adjustments to be made as well as plans and therapies.  But I know that along the way, some time to regroup is planned as well.

I offer these thoughts out today because currently, I am staring at a huge pile of groceries in my kitchen that need put away.  I shopped for thanksgiving today at least all I could this early.  And seeing these piles, we are having 23 people over here for dinner)  makes me feel a bit of anxiety….thinking of all that needs done as well as checking in with Elizabeth.

So I think of ways to allow myself to regroup especially when I feel that overwhelmed feeling approaching.  I used to ignore the feeling and push on.

So again, listen to yourself as you enter holiday season 2019.  Make time to do a bit of self care and know it is okay to do it.  I have learned I am a way better, calmer version of myself when I do

So after I am done typing this, I am going to meet my husband for lunch and then return home to deal with these groceries! ( okay, I will put away the cold things first)  But know,

It really is okay to “BE”

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues