I have this one friend who loves to shop.

Well her version of shopping.

Which means she goes to a website, clicks around and either makes a list of the items she is interested in or puts them into the cart to review at a later date.

She does this for big shopping times, like back to school, birthdays and holidays.

I think it kind of gives her a head start in seeing what she really wants to purchase.  It also helps her keep track of what she did buy.

I kind of like her idea because I am not the most organized of holiday shoppers.  I think every year that I will be organized, calm and done early.  I however, find I am none of those things.

Except in one area.

And that area is the one related to items we purchase for Elizabeth.  Be it her birthday or holidays.  We do put some good forethought into these gifts because as you probably know, the average toy/book/activity will probably not truly fit your child’s needs.

Elizabeth’s sensory processing disorder ( SPD) made trying new textures or activities full of anxiety.  While her dyspraxia, made manipulating/figuring out  new things so challenging.  So we were left with really really thinking as we walked up and down the toy aisle of the now defunct store with the giraffe mascot.

I thought maybe now would be a good time to offer out some questions that we use to make the list of potential gifts for Elizabeth.

We would ask ourselves  how the toy/gift would fit a need,

How it would be good work for a skill in particular

Which one would relax her or be something she would simply enjoy on her own.

These were our big questions and they changed  year to year.  You will for sure have your own.  But the thing is, taking the time to ask the questions and plan a bit will help you make good choices in a much easier fashion.

I have to say, please take a peek at our site.  It has items for sensory issues, items for fine motor growth as well as items for working on gross motor skills.  There are items for the very young as well as older.  We did not have the kind of offerings that are available today  when Elizabeth was younger and it is such a wonderful thing to have them.

Once you have your questions in mind you can begin shopping like my friend. Taking your time and setting items aside either in a cart or on a list.

Knowing you will be doing your best to make your child smile when they open the gift.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes in Herself: The Special Journey Continues.