Okay, so as I am talking with Michael, my neurotypical, beautiful son, on the way home from school as he is fidgeting with the change in my change holder. Then, he is fidgeting  with my phone, then the pen in the cup holder.

All the while talking about his day.

Michael has always and will always be a person who needs something to play with….to fidget.

I know this and am consistently finding new ones for him.  So with the  fact that he ended up with a handful of change by the time we made it home, I started thinking about the times he fidgets more than others. When he is talking about school or upcoming tests and, of course, middle school drama ( thankfully that he is not part of).

So basically, it is when he is talking about or thinking about stressful things.  These are understandable things to feel emotions about.

But what about things, that to most do not create undue stress, but do to our special needs children.  Such as a loud environment, too much activity or a new teacher.


The changes that the holiday time brings….in food, schedules, interactions and more.

The need for a  stress relieving fidget can be pretty great for our special needs children when they encounter all the holidays bring.  I say this because, true to form, Elizabeth held it all together for the actual Thanksgiving holiday but then was SO completely tapped out by Saturday.  Her sensory processing disorder (SPD) showed itself for sure.

She needed a stress reliever and I know this because her stock answer of “NO” to any and all questions asked was the big red flag!  So she took her break, listened to music on the swing and regrouped.  That is what she needed but I know that because each special needs child is different in how they can handle stress and how they show signs of overload, that one stress reliever cannot meet all the demands.

So maybe if your child is one who needs or could benefit from a fidget, you may enjoy taking a look at the fidgets that are available on our site.  There is one three pack that I really know Michael likes and it is called Tangle Junior Fidget Kit.  It has three different tangle fidgets that have different textures including a very soft, squishy hairy tangle (very fun to manipulate!).

Add the Tangle Fidget Kit to your sensory bag to take with you as you go to a holiday party or to a friend’s house. Then you can offer them to your child if they need to fidget and calm down.

It really is all about knowing and understanding your child and their needs.  So maybe these will work for you or maybe others we have.

I know I am starting to feel the pressure of the holidays so not such a bad idea to think ahead of time, how to help your special needs child if they start to feel and show the stress too.

I wish everyone a peaceful week.

Michele Gianetti author of:

I Believe In You: A Mother and Daughter’s Special Journey

Emily’s Sister

Elizabeth Believes In Herself: The Special Journey Continues