when your work is done…you get to go to the place that has peace….home. Or the place where you are safe…home.

Now this movie is set in the 70’s so home to those back then meant many things, I am sure. But for us, living through this pandemic has such a different set of feelings.

Home is the place we can be with those we love so much, where we can take off our masks and not be scared. It is the place we can relax, do work, zoom calls and video chat with friends. Home has become the center of our worlds currently.

As grateful for this safe center as we are, we can find ourselves looking at the walls of our homes say, on day 63 of the quarantine, and swear they are closing in on us minute by minute. Ask Elizabeth, my special needs daughter, how she has been feeling about things ( see blog from last week).

So what are some of the things we can do help us keep seeing home as safe haven it is supposed to be.


I am not talking years back, only go so far as around March 15th, about the time the virus hit the U.S. What did you wish you had stocked up on that you didn’t have time to get? What do you wish you had for your children to make the time together better? If your child has special needs, what do you wish you had had time to organize or purchase for them?

So now, perhaps do organize or maybe purchase whatever you have thought about. See our store for great items for our special needs children.


Again, not too far into the future…just a bit to see what your home may be like when winter hits or if we are required to be home more. What things do you know you will need to plan. What things did you know worked well before and you want to do again. What about: Worktime? Craft time? Workouts? Therapy times? Do you need to talk to current therapists to ask about telehealth options….just in case. Does your child have important appointments that planned? All things to think ahead about.


Or make 5 charts! Whatever helps you put down all the things from the above on paper and our of your head. Having something to refer to…already ready…is a great tool!


I say this with a question mark because family meeting in our world are not always greeted by cheers. They are usually introduced through clenched teeth as I say “WE NEED A FAMILY MEETING” but in this case, I mean a positive, idea sharing and feeling sharing kind of family meeting. Maybe they have things they want to share or plan as well. Plus it is a good time to share the charts or ideas you had.


This is an easily forgotten or pushed aside thing especially as we get busy with holidays, full days or times inside. I have learned the importance of doing this. I am not talking spa days….just simple little things to restore your reserves as the parent or caregiver you are. For me, it is working out or coffee and reading a bit. Whatever it is for you….it is important…the self care is important for all really.

So with the ever changing world, holiday times and winter weather ( if it applies) home will be where we find ourselves so much and the hope is that we can do things that keep us talking about home with the same feelings as the man in the movies.

I wish everyone a peaceful week. PLEASE wear a mask! I do for my mom and others who could get really ill.

Michele Gianetti author of Elizabeth Believes in Herself.

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